Project: 2015

Renovation, expansion and transformation of the Nunziatella Military Academy and former Bixio barracks into an European school and cultural centre

Dimensional data: 50,000 site area, 20,000 college, 5,000 teaching space, 10,000 indoor sports area, 3,000 command, 1,500 conference centre, 600 library, 35,000 open spaces with pedestrian pergola path.

The expansion of Nunziatella Military
Academy, with the acquisition of the former Nino Bixio police barracks, is aimed at creating a European school and is part of a general redesign of the Pizzofalcone promontory in the heart of the historic centre of Naples, creating spaces, pathways and facilities available to the public.

The project proposal identifies three functional areas linked to the school with different levels of accessibility to the public and links them with a pergola, located at the pedestrian path on the edge of the promontory of Pizzofalcone. The creation of an artificial orography (with the configuration of new “invisible” functions partially buried into the promontory at the service of existing buildings) and the arrangement of a new “border” pergola and access point (pedestrian path) are actions that recognize and reinterpret the origins of Neapolitan architecture in its dialogue with the shaped and carved tuff mass.

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